What is a #MoralImaginations story?

The three characteristics of a #MoralImaginations story

A #MoralImaginations story is alive and lives in the hearts and minds of people across the world. Like a mosaic, a fabric, or Horcrux, it must be made whole by the collective imagining of many.

A #MoralImaginations story also holds a key to right action in the present, as it allows us to access and exercise #MoralImaginations and perceive things differently to how we were perceiving before.

Finally, a #MoralImaginations story has the capability and possibility of mobilising bodies. The alchemy sits in moving across the doorsill of this world and other worlds, the imaginary and the real. Strengthening the ability to cross back and forth across the doorsill is a core #MoralImaginations capacity.